The Ponoi River takes from the Western part of the plateau Keiv flowing through the Lovozerski tundra into the White Sea. It is the only large river on the Kola Peninsula running in latitude direction. The river is 426 km long. The point where the river flows is 200 meters low.
The Ponoi is the river with greatly varying character. The rapids are changed by shallows. In its upper part the Ponoi river flows among the boggy plain and has in middle part the numerous tributaries of the river split the plateau into several highs. For the last 110 km the river takes the shape of a canyon with the rocky of 30-50 meters high.
The remoteness of the Ponoi River from communications and the absence of industry enterprises allowed preserving this area in its pristine wilderness.
Fishery for Atlantic salmon on this river dates back to as far as the 16th century. Today when Atlantic salmon abundance declining in many parts of the species range, more people are attracted by recreation fishery. One of the fishing practices which can maintain salmon is catch – and release fishing which has been developing on the Ponoi River in 90’s.
In connection with this development a commercial harvest of salmon on the river was stopped in 1994, there after all salmon entering the river could spawn grounds unimpeded.

The fishing is organized in certain fishing beats.
A guide takes two anglers on a well-maintained and safe boat right to the place of fishing. The fishing beats are rotated daily. There’s a good opportunity to fish as you like – wading, bank casting, or boat fishing.
One can enjoy fishing 24 hours a day at the place called Home Pool which is 5 minutes walk from the Pacha camp.
The Ponoi River is famous for its big catches. The average weight of salmon is 5 kilos. It’s not rare that lucky anglers catch salmon weighing 10 kilos and more.
The Ponoi River is also unique because of the long fishing period which lasts from May to October and known predominantly for fantastic numbers of fish entering the river in autumn.

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